30 best gifts for history Buffs

Looking to give your history lover friends a gift?

Here are 30 best gifts for history buffs to give your friends that is a history buff that they will surely love;

  1. Historical Books and Biographies

Your history buff friends will definitely love a good historical book or a biography. These books allow them to look into first hand accounts of some of the most important moments in history. Ensure the books are well binded and hardcovers to allow your friends to preserve them on thrift bookshelves forever.

  1. Historic Maps and Prints

Historical maps and prints are an excellent way to allow your friends to have an interactive experience with their favorite hobby. You can pair these historical maps and prints with some historical books or biographies for a fun experience that your friends will definitely enjoy and appreciate.

  1. Historical Document Reproductions

Many companies now have some replication of historical documents. For example, a replication of the real declaration of independence or the first amendments allow you to see the documents that exactly resemble the real one. This is a great collection piece for your friends that they can add to their historical possessions.

  1. Museum Memberships

If you know your history enthusiasts friends then you know that they must love going to a historical museum. While these museums might seem a one time visit for us , for them it is a regular spot. However the entrance fees make that a problem. Give your friend a museum membership of their favorite museum  or a historical museum that they have been wanting to go to for a while. You can get two as well so you can enjoy this experience with them.

  1. History-Themed Board Games

Everyone loves board games! Whether it is a child or an adult, a board game night is a fun experience for everyone. Give your history buff friends a surprise with a history themed board game to make their experience better.

  1. Vintage-Inspired Apparel

Costumes are a great way to showcase your interests and actually feel like you are partaking in a movie or a fantasy. But it does end there, why not give your friends a vintage inspired apparel or a historical coastime of their favorite historical figure to allow them to have their moment. They will truly appreciate this gift.

            A vintage apparel or item they can carry everywhere will also give them an immersive experience that also reminds them of your thoughtfulness.  

  1. Historical Documentaries and Films

Give your friends a historical documentary or movie that they can watch anytime, anywhere. In the digital age, a hardcopy of a movie will be truly appreciated.

  1. Historical Cookbooks

Imagine you allow your friends to experience the food from the historical time they admire the most! Now you can give them that experience with a historical cookbook that has recipes from your friend’s favorite history era.

  1. Antique Books and Manuscripts

Try to visit an antique book store to get your friends an antique book or a manuscript. This original piece of history is something that your friends will truly appreciate for years to come. This will be a great addition to their collection and something they can pass on as well.

  1. Historical Puzzles and Games

A historical puzzle and game is a great way to learn about any event visually. This will also allow all their friends to get involved and learn with them, making for a great game night!

  1. Historical Art Prints

If your historical buff friend loves decor and is displaying their hobby, an historical art print will make for a great gift. Help them set it up for them as well for a better bonding experience they will cherish forever.

  1. Archaeology Kits

A fun archaeology kit is a great gift to give your friends especially if the are interested in historical archaeology

  1. Historical Fiction Novels

Sometimes real history is not all your friends might love. A fiction novel is a great book to give your reader friends.

  1. History-Themed Subscription Boxes

A history themed subscription box is a great gift if your friend is fond of historical movies and documentaries. A subscription set will allow them to watch it as many times as they want

  1. Virtual Reality Headsets for Historical Tours

VR can help your friends get an immersive experience as if they are living in their favorite historical era.

  1. Historical Films

A collection of historical films is a great collectors item for your friends that will let them watch the films anytime they want without the internet.

  1. Historical dresses

For a real experience , give your friends a historical dress. You can attempt to thrift a vintage dress from that era or an inspired dress. Many sites online can help you get your hands on old dresses.

  1. Historical posters

Historical buffs love to put up posters related to their hobby and interests. Get them a few posters that they will love and you can also help them put it up.

  1. Historical first editions

First edition books are a rare commodity that will be appreciated by your friends, although they might be expensive, it is something that can be passed on for generations.

  1. Historical props

Fun historic props like a crown or knight armor is a fun and unique gift to give to your friend.

  1. Historical cutlery sets

Paired with a historical cookbook a historical cutely set allows for a complete historical dining experience for your friend that they can reuse multiple times.

  1. History inspired jewelry

Historical inspired jewelry that your friends can wear and carry around makes for a great practical gift.

  1. History themed phone cases

For a fun history gift on a budget , get your friend a history themed phone case. You can get it custom made or just buy it online!

  1. Historical themed home decor

For your history friend’s birthday, get them a history inspired decor piece that they can keep around. You can get a vintage clock or even a miniature building for them.

  1. Vintage watch

A vintage watch is something any gift for history buff will absolutely adore.

  1. Coin sets

Medieval coin bags or coin sets from their favorite historical time makes for an excellent and rare gift to give your friend.

  1. Historical figurines

Miniatures of historical figures like presidents, rulers, leaders etc are a cute gift to give your friend. Figurines also make for great collectible items that you can continue adding to for years to come

  1. Historical Maps

Find out the exact maps related to your friend’s favorite historical time, real or fiction. The printed map can be hung on walls or laid out for them to armor and learn more about.

  1. Sword

If your friend loved everything about the medieval times where swords were used, get them a sword replica. Ensure that it comes with a case so that they can keep it with precaution.

  1. vinyls

If your friends already owns a gramophone, a vintage vinyl record is a very unique gift to give.

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