FFXIV Patch 7.0: New Areas, Quests, and Enhancements

Another month and another update just hit the Final Fantasy XIV realm. As FFXIV PATCH 7.0 is live and capturing the hearts of many. And If you’re among core FFXIV users then, there are plenty of updates, we wanna bring to you.

Exactly, with new areas to explore, exciting quests to take on, significant updates to grasp, and much more, the game is now more user-friendly than ever. As all of you know as in many patches that come before, in each upcoming patch developer wants to do better and with this FFXIV patch 7 try to bring some new elements and fix bugs that were contaminating the gameplay. So, if you’re excited and level up this patch as fast as possible, you can buy some boosters. The good news is that FFXIV gil for sale on U7BUY and there is a chance you get some bonus.

Furthermore, you can make the gaming experience more enjoyable and comfortable with Patch 7.0’s polished graphics and excellent interface. Moreover, if you are a DualSense owner, you can use a PlayStation controller on your PC. We recommend that you also discuss the latest update of Final Fantasy

with other players on the forum of Square Enix. Allow me to take you through a brief guide on the updates that Final Fantasy 14 has received.

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Updated List of Areas in Final Fantasy XIV

Here is the new list of cities and field areas added to Final Fantasy 14 because of Patch 7.0.

  • Tulliyollal
  • Solution Nine
  • Urqopacha
  • Yak T’el
  • Shaaloani
  • Kozama’uka

Changes in Dawntrails’s Main Scenario

Final Fantasy Dawntrail’s Arrival is one of the most notable changes. As you know, many players progress through the main storyline of Dawntrail. So, a good change is made in FF14 Patch 7.0, allowing you to make other players invisible during quest-giving NPCs. You can avail yourself of the fantastic option of making people invisible when you are close to or interacting with NPCs. The updates make it ideal for dealing with NPCs without taking care of dealing with other players surrounding you.

Changes to Final Fantasy XIV’s Stealth Mission

The change to Final Fantasy XIV’s stealth mission allows you to pursue a specific targetted NPC. However, the stealth mission can get frustrating because if you are spotted once then you have to start all over again. NPCs have glowing indicators that indicate when you are about to be seen so that you can avoid it.

Addition of the Emote Icon

Moreover, an emote icon is added to the Duty List, which you can click when you want to play specific emotes during a quest. The emote is a command that a player can use while playing to perform particular gestures and actions.  Before the emote icon update, you must type each emote when you want to use it.

Quest Updates

Quest updates of the FFXIV Patch 7.0 include;

  • The Narwhal Beckons (Tank) Quest update
  • Bottled Fantasy Quest Update
  • The Hunter and the Hunted (Melee DPS) Quest Update

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