How Cobots Make Manufacturing Easier

Manufacturing facilities have been improved greatly by collaborative robotic arms – these collaborative robots are commonly called – cobots.

This improvement can be seen in three main areas: first better quality, second high productivity and finally reduced operational costs.

There are all the signs that these cobots will become even more important in the coming years.

So how do cobots make manufacturing easier?

Cobots are designed to work with human operators. In this way, human expertise is combined with automation. They are nothing like traditional industrial robots operating within safety cages.

Cobots have advanced sensors and safety systems in place. So it’s possible to work safely with them despite being near people. It makes collaboration much easier.

1. Machine tending and material handling are repetitive tasks and these can cause fatigue and injuries for human workers. Cobots can automate these tasks. There is now lesser physical strain on employees. Cobots are able to automatically load and unload parts. This creates a steady flow of materials and reduces downtime. It’s easier to perform tasks like picking and placing components, packaging, palletising, etc. Overall, they help in improving the efficiency.

2. Cobots are great for precision and consistency. That’s what makes them so helpful in assembling small electronic components or inspecting products for defects. Automating such tasks, manufacturers can now limit human errors. The product quality goes up. These cobots are easy to reprogram, so you can adapt them to change per production needs and still get all the tasks done.

3.  For welding processes, cobots can collaborate very closely with human operators. They can take care of handling repetitive and dangerous welding tasks while humans can oversee the process and handle other duties that are more complex. Cobots come equipped with specialised end-effectors that can perform material removal tasks deburring, grinding, polishing, etc.

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