Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets have a great effect on the general look of any house decor. But to achieve that, they need to be cleaned first. Maintaining them extends their lifespan.

Before you select an option for cleaning, it’s better to know the different techniques.

We explain the most common carpet cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning

This technique is also called as hot water extraction and is very popular for deep cleaning carpets.

The process begins with applying specific chemicals to condition the carpet. Then pressurised steam is used to thoroughly clean it, removing orders and stains.

Dry Cleaning

This method needs minimal water usage. A solvent and cleaning agent combo is used to extract dirt, residue.

The major advantage of this method is its quick drying time. The cleaned areas can be used immediately, so it’s perfect for environments that are busy and where the downtime needs to be reduced.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is a two-step process that starts with vacuuming.

Then cleaner and carbonated water mixture is sprayed. An absorbent-covered bonnet gently rubs the cleaner into the carpet.

In this method there is light cleaning and fast drying, so it’s perfect for regular maintenance.


This is a modern carpet cleaning method that begins with vacuuming. After vacuuming is done, a chemical solution is applied to the carpet and worked in using a bonnet or rotary brush.

Then the carpet is vacuumed once again – leaving minimal residue. Since no water is used, this too dries up quickly.

A point to note, however, is that it may not be as helpful for heavily soiled or greasy carpets.

Choosing the Right Method

Every cleaning method comes with its own benefits. Ultimately, it depends on the carpet’s condition and the required turnaround time.

For example, if you want deep cleaning, steam cleaning is the way to go. If you want quick use after cleaning, then dry cleaning should be preferred.

If you’re looking for specific carpet care needs or wish to schedule a professional cleaning – contact Crystal Clear Cleaning Company in Savannah, GA.

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