Choosing from Different Cremation Urn Types

During the most difficult time of our lives, when we have just lost someone, one of the important decisions to be heeded is choosing a cremation urn. And this is a tough decision as it’s not a simple container to be selected or ordered.

It will be home to all the loved memories and become a point for remembrances – across generations.

The most popular options are ceramic and Swarovski urns, composite urns, and stone urns.

Ceramic and Swarovski Urns

These urns, made from pottery or porcelain, can feature intricate designs, vibrant glazes, personalized engravings, etc.

A lot of ceramic urns have designs that are inspired by nature, like birds, trees, flowers, or butterflies, to represent the life of the person who has died.

People who want an extra touch of class can choose ceramic urns that have Swarovski crystals built into them.

Composite Urns

Synthetic materials like plastics, resins, and crushed minerals are used to make composite urns. They might not look as traditional as ceramic or stone urns, but they are cheaper and easier to move around.

The only thing that limits the shapes, colors, and designs they can have is your imagination.

Composite urns can mimic other materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic at a lower cost. They’re also more resilient than ceramics which makes them suitable for burial purposes.

Stone Urns

These urns have a classic beauty that can be found in both modern and traditional styles.

Stones like marble, which comes in many colors, have been exceptionally popular for urns.

Stone urns are known for being very long-lasting, which means they can be used for both burial and display. Because they are tough, they can handle environmental conditions.

Making a Decision

When selecting an urn, consider factors like:

  • the intended location (indoor display, outdoor burial, or columbarium)
  • budget
  • personality of the late loved one
  • your personal preferences

Keep in mind that the urn you pick will be a lasting memorial and may even become a treasured family heirloom – so take your time with all options.

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