The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple for many, offering comfort and versatility that few other clothing items can match. However, choosing the right shoes to pair with leggings can be tricky. The right footwear can elevate your look, while the wrong choice can make your outfit appear uncoordinated. In this article, we’ll explore various shoe options that complement leggings for different occasions, styles, and seasons.

Understanding Leggings

History and Evolution of Leggings

Leggings have come a long way since their inception. Initially designed as a functional garment for dancers, they have evolved into a fashion essential. Their stretchy, form-fitting nature makes them ideal for various activities, from working out to casual outings.

Why Leggings are Popular

The popularity of leggings stems from their comfort and adaptability. They can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for almost any occasion. Plus, they come in various styles, colors, and materials, providing endless options for fashion enthusiasts.

Casual Outfits with Leggings


Sneakers are a go-to choice for pairing with leggings, perfect for a casual and comfortable look.

Types of Sneakers

From classic white sneakers to trendy high-tops, the options are endless. Low-top sneakers are great for a minimalist look, while high-tops add a bit of edge.

Best Sneaker Brands

Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse offer stylish and comfortable options that pair well with leggings. Each brand provides a variety of designs to match your personal style.


Flats are another excellent choice for a casual yet chic look with leggings.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are timeless and can add a touch of elegance to your outfit. They are comfortable and easy to slip on, making them ideal for everyday wear.


Loafers offer a more structured look compared to ballet flats. They are perfect for achieving a smart-casual style, especially when you want to look polished without sacrificing comfort.

Athleisure Looks with Leggings

Running Shoes

Running shoes are essential for an athleisure look, combining functionality with style.

Top Running Shoe Brands

Brands like Asics, Brooks, and New Balance are renowned for their comfortable and durable running shoes. These shoes provide the necessary support for workouts while keeping you stylish.

Styling Tips

Pair your running shoes with a sporty top or hoodie to complete the athleisure look. Opt for neutral colors for a sleek appearance or vibrant hues to make a statement.


Slip-ons are versatile and perfect for a laid-back athleisure style.

Versatility of Slip-Ons

Slip-ons are easy to wear and remove, making them ideal for quick errands or casual outings. They offer a relaxed vibe while still being stylish.

Recommended Brands

Vans and Toms offer a wide range of slip-ons that are both fashionable and comfortable. These brands provide various styles and colors to suit different tastes.

Chic and Dressy Styles with Leggings

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a chic option for dressing up leggings, especially in cooler weather.

How to Style Ankle Boots

Pairing ankle boots with leggings can create a sleek silhouette. Choose boots with a bit of heel to elongate your legs. Tucking your leggings into the boots or cuffing them slightly above can add a polished touch.

Best Ankle Boot Brands

Brands like Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, and Dr. Martens offer stylish ankle boots that pair beautifully with leggings. These brands provide a variety of designs from classic to edgy.


Heels can transform leggings into a sophisticated outfit, perfect for a night out or a special occasion.

Types of Heels

From stilettos to block heels, the type of heel you choose can significantly impact your look. Stilettos offer a more glamorous vibe, while block heels provide stability and comfort.

When to Wear Heels with Leggings

Heels are best suited for dressier occasions. Pairing them with a long tunic or blazer can create a balanced and elegant outfit.

Seasonal Footwear Choices

Winter Boots

Winter boots are essential for staying warm and stylish during the colder months.

Types of Winter Boots

From knee-high boots to insulated ankle boots, there are numerous options to keep your feet warm. Choose boots with a good grip to navigate snowy or icy conditions.

Styling Tips for Winter

Pairing leggings with thick socks and knee-high boots can create a cozy and fashionable winter look. Add a chunky sweater and a scarf to complete the outfit.


Sandals are perfect for summer, offering comfort and style without making you overheat.

Summer Legging Looks

Opt for lightweight and breathable leggings during summer. Pair them with stylish sandals for a casual and comfortable outfit.

Popular Sandal Styles

Gladiator sandals and slide sandals are trendy options that pair well with leggings. Brands like Birkenstock and Teva offer stylish and comfortable sandals perfect for warm weather.

Office Appropriate Shoes with Leggings

Loafers and Oxfords

Loafers and oxfords can make leggings look professional, suitable for office wear.

Professional Look

Choose structured leggings with a thicker fabric for a more professional appearance. Pair them with a crisp blouse and a blazer for a polished look.

Styling Tips

Stick to neutral colors for a sophisticated outfit. Black or navy leggings with black loafers or oxfords create a sleek and professional ensemble.


Mules are a stylish and comfortable option for the office.

Comfort and Style

Mules offer ease of wear while maintaining a chic look. They come in various styles, from flat to heeled, making them versatile for different office outfits.

Best Brands for Mules

Brands like Gucci, Sam Edelman, and Tory Burch offer elegant mules that can elevate your office attire. These brands provide high-quality and fashionable options.

Trendy Footwear Options

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes can add a trendy edge to your legging outfits.

How to Wear Platforms with Leggings

Pair platform shoes with leggings to add height and a bold statement. Opt for simple leggings to let the shoes stand out.

Trendy Brands

Brands like Jeffrey Campbell and Dr. Martens offer stylish platform shoes that can make your outfit pop.


Espadrilles are perfect for a trendy and casual summer look.

Styling Espadrilles

Pair espadrilles with cropped leggings for a laid-back yet stylish outfit. Add a flowy top or a light jacket to complete the look.

Seasonal Trends

Espadrilles come in various designs, from flats to wedges, making them versatile for different summer styles. They are perfect for beach outings or casual day trips.

Sporty and Functional Shoes

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are essential for outdoor adventures, offering support and durability.

When to Wear Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are perfect for outdoor activities and exploring nature. Pair them with durable leggings designed for hiking for the best experience.

Top Brands

Brands like Merrell, Timberland, and Columbia offer high-quality hiking boots that provide comfort and support for long hikes.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers are versatile and suitable for various physical activities.

Benefits of Cross Trainers

Cross trainers provide excellent support for activities like gym workouts, running, and cross-training. They are designed to handle multiple types of exercises.

Styling Tips

Pair cross trainers with athletic leggings and a sporty top for a cohesive look. Opt for neutral or bold colors based on your style preference.

Footwear Accessories

Socks and Leg Warmers

Socks and leg warmers can add an extra layer of style and comfort to your legging outfits. Choose colors and patterns that complement your overall look.

Shoe Inserts and Insoles

For added comfort, consider using shoe inserts and insoles. They can provide extra support and cushioning, making any shoe more comfortable for extended wear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mismatched Styles

Avoid pairing leggings with shoes that clash in style. For example, formal shoes with casual leggings can look out of place.

Overdoing Accessories

While accessories can enhance your outfit, too many can create a cluttered look. Stick to a few key pieces to keep your outfit balanced.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

Considering the Occasion

Always consider the occasion when choosing shoes to pair with leggings. Casual events call for more relaxed footwear, while formal occasions require a dressier choice.

Comfort vs. Style

While style is important, comfort should never be compromised. Choose shoes that you can wear comfortably throughout the day.

Shoe Care and Maintenance

Cleaning Tips

Regularly clean your shoes to maintain their appearance. Use appropriate cleaning products based on the material of the shoe.

Storage Solutions

Proper storage can prolong the life of your shoes. Use shoe racks or boxes to keep them organized and protected from dust and damage.


Choosing the right shoes to wear with leggings can transform your outfit and hypeboost your confidence. From casual sneakers to chic heels, the options are endless. Remember to consider the occasion, comfort, and style when selecting your footwear. With the right pair of shoes, leggings can be a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe.


What are the best shoes to wear with black leggings?

Black leggings are incredibly versatile and can be paired with almost any type of shoe, from white sneakers for a casual look to black ankle boots for a more polished style.

Can I wear heels with leggings?

Yes, heels can be worn with leggings to create a sophisticated and stylish outfit, especially for dressier occasions.

Are there any shoes that should be avoided with leggings?

Avoid overly formal shoes like certain types of dress shoes, as they can clash with the casual nature of leggings.

How can I make my leggings look more professional?

Pair leggings with professional-looking shoes like loafers or mules, and add a structured top such as a blazer or a crisp blouse.

What are the best shoe brands for pairing with leggings?

Some of the best brands include Nike, Adidas, Converse, Steve Madden, and Sam Edelman, offering a variety of styles suitable for different looks.

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